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I can give you magazine looks on a minimal budget!

Free Initial Consultation
I am happy to meet at your home or the property that you are intending to sell and discuss what service would be best for you. I can tailor a service to suit every home and every budget.

How to Improve Report
This service suits clients on a tight budget and are happy to carry out the suggested work needed to get their home looking it's best for sale. The report would include:

Partial Home Staging
This service is great for people who are living in the home and just need key items - such as new lounge furniture and/or dining suite to lift the whole house. I can also provide décor accessories such as paintings, vases, silk flower arrangements and ornaments as well as soft furnishings (i.e. Complete bedding sets with duvets and display pillows).
Price: As this is dependent on what each client needs I can visit your home to assess what items you will need and tailor a package and quote.

Vacant Home Staging
This is a very important and valuable service as a vacant home typically takes much longer to sell. An empty house echoes and feels cold and uninviting. People also find it very hard to judge room sizes (most rooms appear smaller when unfurnished). Furnishings help them work out how their belongings will fit. Another important thing people notice when a house is unfurnished is all the flaws! When a house is fully staged people don't tend to notice the odd paint scrape or slight stain on the carpet - they are distracted by the staging!

Home buying is often about emotion - buyers don't buy houses, they buy homes. Vacant home staging includes...

The approximate retail value of staging items is $12000 - $15000. Rooms staged would include a formal lounge, dining, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and one other bedroom, plus an outdoor setting.

Make-Over Package
This service is a total package is designed to help people that have a home that is really needing a boost to realise the home's best selling price. The home may have been owned by an elderly relative, a rental property or just a home that hasn't been decorated for some time. This is a great service for out of town vendors as we can assess, budget and co-ordinate all necessary work, decoration and staging of the property ready to go on the market.

Make Over Package includes...

Complete staging of home (approximate retail value of staging items $12000.-$15000). Rooms staged would include a formal lounge, casual lounge, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, one other bedroom, and an outdoor setting.

Redesign Service
This service is available to anyone just wanting to breathe fresh air into tired decors. It can include...

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 Frequently Asked Questions

"How much does home staging cost?"

The costs involved are minimal. For a fully furnished home to be staged it may cost as little as $250.00 for us to de-clutter and for you to hire some high impact accessories! To stage a vacant home in which we bring all of the furniture and decor accessories (an approximate value of $12,000 - $15,000.00) into your home it costs from $337.50 GST Incl. per week plus a one off freight fee. 

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A full home staging service equates to less than 1/2 of a percent of a median priced home in the Nelson area ($340,0000) for four weeks full staging. Professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average of 6% more than un-staged or vacant homes. (6% of $340,00.00 = $20,400.00). Contact us for a free consultation and quote!

"Is there a consultation fee?"

The first consultation is free! Then if you would like us to help you we can quote on the level of service you require.

"Who pays for the staging fee?"

The property owner pays for our services as they are the ones who will benefit the most by presenting their home to its best potential.

"Is there a minimum rental term?"

No! We have structured our pricing to allow us to offer week by week rental. All we ask is an initial fee for furniture delivery/removal and then a weekly fee (dependent on rooms staged).

"What is your payment schedule?"

Once the freight fee is paid, we are offering deferred payment of the weekly rental fee payable on the sale of the home! Plus, if for any reason the home is taken off the market, or the staging ceased, we require a partial payment of the weekly rental. Please contact us for details!

"How quickly can you do a staging from time of first contact?"

In the past we have been given as little as two days notice from request to fully staged! But the more time we are given to organise a staging the more we can tailor our staging suit your property!

"Why don't I just stage my own place?"

It is very hard to look at your own home decor objectively! That is one of the biggest advantages of having fresh eyes assess your home is we look from a buyers perspective. Things that you have lived with for years may put off buyers. Having experience in decor styling and furniture placement is also a big plus as it creates space and flow. We have access to high impact decor accessories and furniture that can be hired from us on a week by week basis. This way you don't have to buy and store items that might not suit your new home.

"How long does it take to stage a home?"

It all depends on each job. For a totally vacant home it takes 2 days to completely furnish and style a property. We endeavour to stage each home as quickly as possible!

"When should I stage my home?"

We recommend getting us to come to your home for a consultation as soon as you have decided to put your home on the market. This way we can suggest ways that you can enhance your home without rushing or costing a lot on money. We can then advise you (room by room) how we could style your home and set a time line for any hired items to be placed so it is all ready for advertising photographs and viewings.

If you have any queries please contact us.

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